Case Conrad – A Tightrope Wish (Oct 14th 2016)

Case Conrad’s third album A Tightrope Wish was recorded in Sauerland, Germany, most of it tracked live during five days. The album was recorded and mixed by Michael Vögler and comes out on September 2016 on Stargazer Records / This Is Forte.

The eleven songs features songwriting from both Gustav Haggren and Per Henrik Adolfsson and just like previous album Leikko, Haggren and Adolfsson share the lead vocalist post. The songs speaks of mysterious inner and outer worlds that the band has encountered during the past two years, both in their personal lives and during tours in Europe and USA.

Heavy Metal Bars is the name of the first single, a reverberating story whispered through Adolfssons voice, breathing more and more as the song goes along, ending with booming toms, choirs and handclaps.

The previous album Leikko was well recieved. The album came out on Stargazer Records and the band signed a publishing deal with FatCat Records. In 2015 Case Conrad went on a long tour and played shows with among others The Pines and King of Prussia on a 30 day tour in the US.

What is a band? That was one of the main things Gustav Haggren was thinking about when forming Case Conrad together with Robert Johansson and Petter Bengtsson in 2009. They had all been in different musical groups in the past and found the structure of a band somewhat boring and predictable. So they formed a project called The Case of Conrad. Soon they shortened it to Case Conrad.

It was suppose to be only one self-released album, Dew Point (that they recorded live in two days), and maybe just one tour (which turned out to be a tour in the US where they started with no shows booked and ended up playing 55 shows in three months traveling east to west!).

After the trip they landed in Barcelona where a songwriter and friend of Haggren was living: Per Henrik Adolfsson, also known as Pancake. Soon it was decided that Adolfsson was joining Case Conrad in making a second album, that was to be called Leikko. Now Case Conrad was a band of two vocalists. The album was recorded by the band themselves, learning as they went along, recording in peoples flats, they kept having to move because of cockroaches, neighbors and other technical interference.

After touring the album Case Conrad were once again acting in a non-typical band sense. Haggren went back to Sweden to study creative writing, Robert Johansson opened a Ramen-restaurant in Barcelona and Adolfsson started making more art and having exhibitions. Bengtsson and newest and fifth member Vasco Batista were both doing music in other musical projects, Bengtsson drumming with Ash & Iron and Batista fronting Big Summer.

And now Case Conrad is back like it was the most natural thing in the world. Their long-distant relationship between Barcelona, Spain and Malmö, Sweden seems to be working out.