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“once it’s drilled firmly in your head, you won’t get rid of it! Ahhh! BUT that’s a sign of a good indie pop song right?!”

“what really has this act standing out is the lead vocalist who displays his wonderful timbre within the track.”

“Between the immense emotional build of the track and the strong, visually impressive lyrics…”Copper Thief” is a melancholic triumph.”

“Case Conrad, a band of now four Swedes and a Portuguese, have progressed into something harmonic and promising- impressing through music and personality”

“Their indie pop songs like ballads, warm and upbeat, transformed the whole place into a dream-like scene.”

“It turns out that this pain and worry that he might not have wanted anything to do with when it first arrived, is actually a wonderful muse, and everyone knows that there should be no fucking with a muse because even when you don’t want one, you know that you need one.”

“And despite the sudden – maybe even slapdash – nature of both band and album, the tracks on Dew Point sound thoughtful and very comfortable in their own skin. The album’s most immediately rewarding moment comes quick, on the second track, “Hold Up This Song,” which is a cuddly, slightly pastoral slice of naturally-sweetened, upbeat pop music.” (Turntable Kitchen, San Francisco)

“Principal songwriter/vocalist/rhythm guitarist, Gustav Haggren, has been to the U.S. before, but it is Robert “Lucky” Johnson’s (guitar and keyboard) first time in the states. The pair were unflappable. Gustav is as talented as he is gregarious, and he mixed in his personal stories of travel with several tracks off their new album, Dew Point. “It’s very cold in Sweden,” Haggren joked, “In fact, yesterday was the coldest day in 100 years. We’re glad we’re here” he said with a smile. “We finished a tour in Europe and didn’t want to stop, we just kept going ended up here.” It’s a good thing they did.” (DaDaDa Music Magazine)